Re: Enable accessibility by default in development releases?

On Thu, 2005-11-24 at 09:32 +0000, John Rice wrote:
> Great stuff Padraig - down from +500% to 6% degradation when cat'ing a
> large file sounds pretty good to me :) 
> Anyone any idea of the effect of not flushing the pending events?
> Would it cause problems when typing quickly in the terminal? Problems
> in asian locales?

The patch removes the "emit those signals" bit.

I don't know how vte works internally, but it would be good to research

- Does proper a11y depend on those signals?

- If it does, then how often do those signals really get emitted?  Once
per character?  What happens when you do "ls -l" - does a screen reader
read out everything to you?

- Can the a11y implementation for vte throttle those signals, and not
re-fetch the contents unless the signal has not been emitted for N
milliseconds?  Think of the "ls -l" case above.


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