Re: Three Point Zero - Idea Mockups

You make it sound like it was solely my decision :P I proposed moving
it and it was agreed on, partly because I also offered to host the SVN

I'm also not moving the project away from targetting GNOME. The only
thing along those lines that you may have misinterpretted is that I
proposed we have a solution that fits in with any desktop. I like
GNOME and I don't know why you think we would move away from it.

I don't make decisions in this project without agreement. That doesn't
mean every single person has to agree on it, but in the case above, it
was an agreement.

If you have disagreements with what we've planned to do or have done,
please bring them up with us in private first, rather than surprising
us with public statements, so that we can actually talk about it.


On 5/25/05, Ikke <eikke eikke com> wrote:
> > project soylent has moved away
> I might notice we only changed to's wiki because Christian
> seems not to like the wiki implementation running on I
> hope it is not his (as project leader) intention to move development
> away from Gnome, as that's the place where it belongs (think I18N etc).
> If Soylent would move away from Gnome and it's community I'll do
> everything I can to make this not happen :-)
> Next to that: where should we comment on the mockups now? It looks like
> there's no place to do this at all now?
> Regards,
> Ikke
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