Re: libnotify

Oh, and if we get this all in shape in time, we do plan to propose it
for GNOME 2.12.


On 5/26/05, Christian Hammond <chipx86 gmail com> wrote:
> Hi Murray.
> In short, not a whole lot, but Mike Hearn and I have been forming a
> strategy for it.
> I started changing the code base to make libnotify and
> notification-daemon compatibile with D-BUS 0.3x last night. It's not
> in SVN yet, but it'll be in there when I have something working.
> After this is done, we're going to put out a release and hack on
> plugins/patches for Gaim, Xmms, Rhythmbox, Evolution, and other apps.
> Hopefully get a user base. After that, I plan to work on a new
> notification daemon that is plugin-based to show off what all can be
> done with notifications and to provide for themes (both appearance
> plugins and what I call "transitional" plugins, which are responsible
> for displaying the actual notification, and may fade it wobble it in).
> Not everybody likes the spec, but I think that's because a lot of
> people want notifications to be more than what they are. Some people
> want to embed download windows in it, or drag things to and from it,
> or display a web page with CSS, or embed anything X11 based in it.
> I believe these type of things aren't needed, as these are passive
> notifications and are designed to be little things that simply notify
> you of something and then go away. Furthermore, just embedding widgets
> in it adds unnecessary complexity to the spec and implementation,
> limits it on other platforms, and makes theming far more difficult
> than it needs to be.
> As such, we are not adding this support to the spec, at least not for
> now. We'll see what people end up using this for. It's been my
> experience that when a new thing such as this comes out, people demand
> unending flexibility and come out with all kinds of corner cases,
> maybe of which (in this case) a dialog should still be used for.
> However, given time, people tend to be okay with the solution given.
> The File Chooser debates spring to mind.
> We are not saying that we may not someday add this type of capability
> to the spec and implementation, but it is not in our plans as of now.
> The Guifications project on Linux and Windows has plans to support our
> spec as-is, as does (last I knew) the Growl project on MacOS X, which
> provides a similar notification platform. And last I checked, the
> Windows Longhorn implementation of notifications are very similar to
> ours, which would allow for tighter integration when porting some
> Linux apps to Longhorn in the future.
> There are no existing serious competitors to my knowledge, though.
> There's a couple of notification daemons sitting around, but none have
> been seriously adopted. At least one or two of those that I have seen
> are implementations of our spec.
> Christian
> On 5/26/05, Murray Cumming <murrayc murrayc com> wrote:
> > Christian, what's happened with libnotify since you proposed it for the
> > GNOME 2.10 Platform?
> >
> > Is it now a freedesktop project, and part of a release set, or will you
> > propose it for GNOME 2.12? Is it likely to be used soon by any GNOME
> > Desktop applications? Are there competing solutions or does everyone
> > like this one?
> >
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