Re: [OT] Three Point Zero - Idea Mockups

> You make it sound like it was solely my decision :P I proposed moving
> it and it was agreed on, partly because I also offered to host the SVN
> repository.
Hey, I was not saying it's a bad thing or so...
> I'm also not moving the project away from targetting GNOME. The only
> thing along those lines that you may have misinterpretted is that I
> proposed we have a solution that fits in with any desktop. I like
> GNOME and I don't know why you think we would move away from it.
I'm not saying you're moving away from it, or you intend to do that. I
just got the impression Luis was thinking we were leaving Gnome.
> I don't make decisions in this project without agreement. That doesn't
> mean every single person has to agree on it, but in the case above, it
> was an agreement.
Did I say it wasn't? I don't care where development takes place. Every
place got its pro's and con's.
> If you have disagreements with what we've planned to do or have done,
> please bring them up with us in private first, rather than surprising
> us with public statements, so that we can actually talk about it.
Let me make clear I was not accusing you of anything, if you think I was
blaming you in any way or what-so-ever: it was not meant like that.
Maybe I phrased some things badly (non-native english speaker). I was
only saying I hope Soylent will stay Gnome-based (or at least have Gnome
as a primary target). Which does not imply I think you're moving it

If you interpreted my mail as a personal attack or something, I swear
(is that the correct spelling?) it was not meant like that. Currently
Soylent brainstorming/development is going well, and I don't see any
reason why this would change in the future.

> Christian

My sincere (public) apologies,


PS. I guess we should take this off list if you want to discuss it
further, this is not desktop related ;-)

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