Re: Three Point Zero - Idea Mockups

Why not just create


and discuss it there?  That sounds appropriate right?


On Wed, May 25, 2005 at 11:16:31PM +0200, Ikke wrote:
> > project soylent has moved away
> I might notice we only changed to's wiki because Christian
> seems not to like the wiki implementation running on I
> hope it is not his (as project leader) intention to move development
> away from Gnome, as that's the place where it belongs (think I18N etc).
> If Soylent would move away from Gnome and it's community I'll do
> everything I can to make this not happen :-)
> Next to that: where should we comment on the mockups now? It looks like
> there's no place to do this at all now?
> Regards,
> Ikke
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