Re: Default theme

Il giorno lun, 18/07/2005 alle 02.42 +0200, Daniel Borgmann ha scritto: 
> Heya,
> I'm obviously very excited about this, but some comments:
> Please let's clean up the theme list a little bit. Right now it is
> proper chaos. The theme called "Default" which has the comment "Gnome
> Default Theme" is not even the default theme since quite a while.

??? There are no "Default" entry in my theme list!!

>  If
> we'd now add Clearlooks and ClearlooksBlue, both with the same
> comment, things would become insane. :) One alternative would be that
> you just call it Clearlooks and we change the Clearlooks default to be
> what you have in mind (at least for the metatheme, which is GNOME
> specific anyway). Another one would be to call it Default or maybe
> GNOME Default. In any case I think the comment should be changed to
> reflect that it's the default (and I agree with Luca that the current
> one is rather silly, even though it was my idea :P).

Can I suggest "Cappuccino" as (meta)theme name?
      * It's totally insane :-) 
      * It's not a trademark (I hope) :-| 
      * It's the color scheme of my breakfast: milk with a coffe squeeze
        in a blue cup :-P

> Also have you considered Clearlooks-DeepSky? We both like that one and
> it would probably be our recommendation. It's more light and friendly
> looking, but still "gnomey" (the background uses GNOME palette
> colors).

On my wish list for GNOME themes there is provide 3 or 4 different color
scheme for each engine. Of course hidden in the details dialog.

> Finally, are you planning to use a current snapshot of the Clearlooks
> engine?  AFAIK the current snapshot in gtk-engines is somewhat dated
> and there are a lot of refinements in the latest release.  I don't
> know how much those details matter for screenshots.

BTW There is a patch against gtk-engine in latest garnome. Is it relevant?

BTW2 Should Clearlooks use cairo if GNOME 2.12 will depend on gtk-2.8 ??
Instead GDK or similar to draw lines, I mean. Of course maybe I'm asking
to invent hot water....

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