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<quote who="Daniel Borgmann">

> One alternative would be that you just call it Clearlooks and we change
> the Clearlooks default to be what you have in mind (at least for the
> metatheme, which is GNOME specific anyway). Another one would be to call
> it Default or maybe GNOME Default. In any case I think the comment should
> be changed to reflect that it's the default (and I agree with Luca that
> the current one is rather silly, even though it was my idea :P).

I'd suggest removing every reference to 'default' in all of the theme names
and comments. Makes life much easier. ;-)

> Finally, are you planning to use a current snapshot of the Clearlooks
> engine?  AFAIK the current snapshot in gtk-engines is somewhat dated
> and there are a lot of refinements in the latest release.  I don't
> know how much those details matter for screenshots.

... why don't we just ship the clearlooks tarballs, given that's what you
guys are working on? Not a lot of point keeping the same thing in two spots;
that always seems to wind up badly. :-)

- Jeff

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