the about-me capplet

Today some folks here at Red Hat discussed the new about-me capplet,
and we decided to disable it for now and stick with our homegrown
usermode capplets for now. Maybe the main points of our discussion
are of interest and can help to improve the about-me capplet.


- reduces menu clutter (allows us to replace the "login photo",  
  "password" and "about myself" capplets with a single one)

- the first impression of the UI is much nicer than the usermode
  capplets (for some details see below)

- it is nice to have all this user-related data stored in a central

- doesn't update information in /etc/passwd (like the usermode "about
  myself" capplet does), so there will be divergence between the
  information in e-d-s and /etc/passwd

- doesn't allow to change the user's full name

- when we experimented with changing the contact in the evolution
  contact editor, the about-me capplet did pick up most of the changed
  fields, but wierdly, the full name is taken from /etc/passwd

- is a bit heavy on work-related fields. I mean, who really wants to
  know about my assistant (if I had one) ?

- the "Personal Info" tab looks intimidating with all those long

- the "Change Password" dialog has an odd layout, with the entries 
  above the icon. Also, we felt a bit unsecure, since the icon was not
  the padlock image we would have expected in a password dialog.

- its not clear if the style of the dialog (with entries for old and
  new passwords in one step) can accomodate the variation that is
  possible with pam setups (the usermode dialog first prompts for
  the old password, then for the new one, like passwd does).

- it was not immediately clear to me what kind of data I am expected
  to enter in the "Calendar" field

- why is the ui so different from the contact editor in evolution,
  do we need two different uis for essentially the same task, or could
  we just open the contact editor here ? Admittedly, the contact editor 
  has its own ui issues...

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