Default theme

Really.  The default theme.  Let's make this happen.

Take that tarball.  Extract it in a fresh gnome-themes checkout.
It'll add the Clearlooks Metacity theme, the ClearlooksBlue GTK
theme, and the ClearlooksBlue desktop theme.  Compare Clearlooks
default with ClearlooksBlue here:

The tarball also contains Clearlooks.diff.  Apply this patch to
get all the build files right.  Build, install, witness the glory.

For convenience, the tarball contains a file NEWFILES.  It has
a list of the new files that would need to be added to CVS.

This is basically just the Clearlooks default theme with a more
vibrant selection color.  If peole have other nitpicks or stuff,
they can be handled later.  Just like we don't block software for
minor bugs.

None of the other Great Monarchs have assumed power on this issue.
Thus I, as the GDP Fearless Leader, hereby declare this the new
default theme.  I don't want a long discussion about people's
favorite colors.  I want to start taking screenshots for our
under-loved documentation.

Be merry, or else!  ;-)


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