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I'm obviously very excited about this, but some comments:
Please let's clean up the theme list a little bit. Right now it is
proper chaos. The theme called "Default" which has the comment "Gnome
Default Theme" is not even the default theme since quite a while. If
we'd now add Clearlooks and ClearlooksBlue, both with the same
comment, things would become insane. :) One alternative would be that
you just call it Clearlooks and we change the Clearlooks default to be
what you have in mind (at least for the metatheme, which is GNOME
specific anyway). Another one would be to call it Default or maybe
GNOME Default. In any case I think the comment should be changed to
reflect that it's the default (and I agree with Luca that the current
one is rather silly, even though it was my idea :P).

Also have you considered Clearlooks-DeepSky? We both like that one and
it would probably be our recommendation. It's more light and friendly
looking, but still "gnomey" (the background uses GNOME palette

Finally, are you planning to use a current snapshot of the Clearlooks
engine?  AFAIK the current snapshot in gtk-engines is somewhat dated
and there are a lot of refinements in the latest release.  I don't
know how much those details matter for screenshots.


On 7/17/05, Luca Ferretti <elle uca libero it> wrote:
> Il giorno gio, 14/07/2005 alle 17.17 -0500, Shaun McCance ha scritto:
> > Really.  The default theme.  Let's make this happen.
> >
> >
> >
> > Take that tarball.  Extract it in a fresh gnome-themes checkout.
> > It'll add the Clearlooks Metacity theme, the ClearlooksBlue GTK
> > theme, and the ClearlooksBlue desktop theme.
> Issues:
>       * You forgot to add desktop-themes/ClearlooksBlue/
>         to po/
>       * the same file is broken ("GtkTheme=ClearlooksBright" ???) and
>         provides a really poor comment ("Comment=Attractive Usability")
>       * Moreover, are you sure ClearlooksBlue is the proper name to
>         use??? Do you remember the Smooth -> Glider renaming?
> Of course to make it the default theme we need to patch libgnome and
> metacity[1], changing /desktop/gnome/interface/gtk_theme
> and /apps/metacity/general/theme GConf keys default value from Simple to
> ClearlooksBlue (or whatever will be the name).
> [1] mmmhhhh, this means that metacity should depend on gnome-themes ????
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