Re: gtk-engines photographed eating children

On Tue, 2005-01-25 at 05:11 +1100, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller">
> > I don't understand the versioning argument. AFAIK so has there never been
> > a release of gtk-engines width a higher version number than the current
> > one (which if there has been would be a problem). 
> > The version number of gnome-themes which I sometime skimming this thread
> > get a feeling you are comparing the gtk-engines version number with is not
> > really relevant IMHO.
> This is really quite simple:
>   mist, from the old gnome-themes, is at 2.9.x
>   mist, from the new gtk-engines, is at 2.6.x
> When packaged individually, you cannot upgrade mist from 2.9.x to 2.6.x.

This seems like a result of some "questionable" packaging decisions...
if you packaged as:


Then you simply make gtk-engines-mist obsolete gnome-themes-mist (I'm
pretty sure dpkg has the "obsoletes" concept.) Different package names
so version comparisons don't matter.

But since in the end, version numbers are arbitrary. So if it would make
some people's life easier, it seems we should bump gtk-engines up to
GNOME versioning?


(Note, I no longer have any maintainership role in gtk-engines)

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