Re: gtk-engines photographed eating children

On Tue, 2005-01-25 at 03:50 +1100, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> One or preferably both of the following would help:
>   a) Why do we have two packages for themes again? Why can't these all be
>      gnome-themes?

1) Well if you want to view gtk-engines as a theme package, then we have
three, gtk-engines, gnome-themes, and gnome-themes-extras.

But I don't, gtk-engines provide the default theme for the theme
engines, but theme engines are not individual themes, and are used by
more then one.

2) Because gnome-themes is a GNOME packages, gtk-engines are for the
most part completely GNOME independent

3) Because many of the gtk-engines aren't maintained in gnome-themes to
begin with which only causes more discrepency between official version
and g-t version, or g-t-e version

4) Because no gtk engines should be included in gnome at all, they
should be dependencies.

Truth be known I don't want gtk-engines distributed as a binary package
AT ALL long term. I would like the module to maintain those engines
which don't have maintanence elsewhere, but I would still want those
engines packaged individually. According to their own version number.
And gnome modules that need individual engines, would DEPEND on those
individual engines.

>   b) Versioning gtk-engines with GNOME, as it's no longer maintained by the
>      GTK+ folks.

That could be done, but its called gtk-engines, not gnome-engines, and
in the past has been kept in sync with gtk, changing that now adds
confusion to the mix. When gtk 2.10 comes out which should people use
with it, gtk engines 2.10? or gtk-engines 3.0 etc. different engines
have different gtk dependencies just like other libs, so you are begging
for problems when the numbers don't match, but used to.

Surely not a large problem for maintainers who keep up to speed, but it
was a confusion I would want to avoid.

And it doesn't solve the problem. Again I say. What happens if
gtk-engines stops providing Industrial or Smooth or etc but the engines
packages are officially still provided by a distro. The same problem
will happen again then if this kind of versioning continues. Only
wierder, gtk2-smooth-engine 2.X or 3.X would be superceded by
gtk2-smooth-engine 0.X, or 1.X etc


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