Re: gtk-engines photographed eating children

<quote who="Andrew Johnson">

> 1) Well if you want to view gtk-engines as a theme package, then we have
> three, gtk-engines, gnome-themes, and gnome-themes-extras.

Only two of which are shipped in the Desktop release.

> Truth be known I don't want gtk-engines distributed as a binary package AT
> ALL long term. I would like the module to maintain those engines which
> don't have maintanence elsewhere, but I would still want those engines
> packaged individually. According to their own version number.  And gnome
> modules that need individual engines, would DEPEND on those individual
> engines.

> And it doesn't solve the problem. Again I say. ...

Okay, so now you guys have integrated all these things into the one module,
reducing the version number in the process, can you split them all back out
again like we (mostly) had it before? gtk-engines and the original versions
of the other themes (industrial, smooth, thinice, etc) were very clearly and
separately versioned until this happened. :-)

For now, I'm going to ship gtk-engines packages that include only metal and
redmond (given that pixbuf has moved into GTK+ itself), so this all ends up
being an unfortunate waste of your time updating and maintaining the themes
in one big module.


- Jeff

-- 2005: Canberra, Australia      
   "The ability to procrastinate is what separates us from the machines."
                     - Chris Gregory, Desktop Magazine

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