Re: Exciting GNOME?

Indeed, some of the better pixmap themes are designed by Jip.
gonxical, for example, is a high quality professional theme. Arguably
the best gnome theme I've come across.

On Wed, 16 Feb 2005 14:54:51 +0100, Miroslav Silovic <miro puremagic com> wrote:
> The combination of the little-known themes I'm using currently:
> Gtk2 - Perseid, from (for some
> reason, this theme isn't on gnome-look nor at, as far as I
> could tell).
> Metacity: RMilk (available from gnome-look).
> My point: I think that some really great themes can for some reason rot
> in obscurity, as things now stand. I think it'd really improve
> if external links section was expanded. Currently it
> doesn't even link (again, as far as I could tell).
>     Miro
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