Re: Exciting GNOME?

Jeff Waugh wrote:
<quote who="Seth Nickell">

In the bluecurve department, ClearLook
(, which I just found
through this thread, looks like a hands-down improvement. I'm probably
going to suggest we cut Fedora over to it, as its both clearly an
iteration of Bluecurve (which we use as default today) and quite a lovely

I've been looking very seriously at Clearlooks for Ubuntu, too. I will have
to send a list of suggestions to the author. :-)

I was going to comment that we weren't hearing from the key artists here (ubuntu, Novell, RedHat, etc.). Surely these guys have some plans in mind (Garrett, Jimmac, Thuomas, etc.).

That said, I'm glad to see Jeff and Seth chime in (especially since it looks like there could be some rough consensus).

ClearLook is indeed quite nice. I have some ideas for improvements and I'm sure others would too. What I'd *really* like to see is the artists and RedHat, Novell, and all of the volunteers working on small and subtitle refinements/optimizations to a common theme like this one.


Site note: where's the best place to post feedback/suggestions for ClearLooks? I didn't want to start a theme-nitpick sub-thread here.

Steven Garrity

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