Re: Request for breakage in gnome-panel

On Llu, 2005-02-14 at 10:26, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> Snipping the RA menu item will not lead to fixing the menu system for real
> users - that responsibility ends up coming down to the distribution. It
> certainly won't lead to fixing the root problem - that is, getting rid of

Run As .. has another use that is rather harder to magically make go
away, and a rather important one in the business world. It's how people
instruct users to run things because it's easier than "click on the
thing that probably looks like a blue dog, unless you are running Fedora
in which case it'll look like a sheep, or maybe a black and white banana
depending on theme"

Run As is IMHO non threatening. It isn't used much anyway (which means
the design is right). Its pretty essential when you need to deal with
something one off and the dialogue from it has a big cancel button. 


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