Re: Request for breakage in gnome-panel

<quote who="Bryan Clark">

> And just to take the flames point head on, no flames do not generally mean
> that what was done was the wrong thing, they generally mean that very
> vocal people are upset that things changed.  People obviously fear change,
> if we get rid of Run Applications the desktop won't come crashing to a
> halt.  Instead we should expect to get bug reports on missing .desktop
> files and maybe people will get together to finally create a menu editor?
> But since we have this nice band-aid(tm) out in the open we won't get
> those bug reports and no one will think it's too much pain to live without
> a decent menu editor.

Removing the item won't fix the lack of menu editor, it won't fix the lack
of .desktop files. It won't encourage a mass fix of these issues. It won't
be a step in the right direction to get us away from the shitty execution
model we're stuck with at the moment. It'll just be another example of our
ability to punch our users in the face without making real progress.

I'm pretty jacked off that my comments have been slighted by reference,
without direct discussion. That's pretty lame.

- Jeff

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