Re: Request for breakage in gnome-panel

<quote who="Bryan Clark">

> I hope you (somewhat) agree that cutting the cruft on our desktop can lead
> to more pain, pain which can lead to more invention (the child of
> necessity). I'd even be willing to do a GUADEC talk, I'll call it,
> "Causing Our Community Pain So We Can Breed Innovation" we're I'll try to
> go in depth on how we need to stop kidding ourselves at the state of our
> stuff and just lose the warts and band-aids.  Of course I missed that
> deadline as well! :-P

Snipping the RA menu item will not lead to fixing the menu system for real
users - that responsibility ends up coming down to the distribution. It
certainly won't lead to fixing the root problem - that is, getting rid of
the menu model entirely. I would accept this rationale for a fairly large
change with obvious follow-through benefits for all of our users (not just
the "community users" you've pointed out here). I can't accept it for a
small, anal retentive change that has no direct benefits whatsoever. It's
nitpicking, not moving forward.

- Jeff

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