RE: moving windows above the top panel

On Llu, 2005-02-14 at 01:07, Eugenia Loli-Queru wrote:
> To be safe wtih KDE/Gnome usage no window bigger than 720x500 should ever be 
> created by default by any application that's not CAD or other  high-end 
> graphics app (this takes care of any given desktop with 64pix panel (or a 
> 32+32 on top and bottom and on the sides) and a 25-30 pix window manager 
> theme). So, 720x500 is a safe bet to support 800x600.

This is the wrong approach. The window manager is responsible for making
things fit on screen. It alone has the last world under ICCCM on window

If you replace metacity with a window manager you'll find a lot of these
problems go away because the dialogues will fit when the window manager
says "tough it will be this small" although that depends on the toolkit
and application. Some apps just have absurdly large configuration

At the end of the day metacity needs fixing to actually manage windows
so they are forced to fit, and to fit regardless of where the user stuck
the panels and what size the panels are. Its not exactly a complicated

Xfce sort of gets that right but it cheats (user settable margins)
rather than working out what the middle rectangle size actually is.


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