Re: gtkspell

On Tue, 2005-08-30 at 11:13 +0200, Lorenzo Colitti wrote:
> HC Brugmans wrote:
> > E-mails related to Linux or school are English, family, friends and 
> > general correspondence are Dutch again.
> > 
> > I really won't be the only one in this sort of a situation.
> Same here. My emails are either in Italian, English, or Dutch, which all 
> use Latin script, so script-based detection won't help me.
> Why not do this: at init time, check the first few words the uwith all 
> dictionaries and then automatically pick the dictionary which logged the 
> fewest mistakes.
> Of course in gaim or evolution this training process would have to be 
> done separately for each chat window/recipient...

What about having a separate "Other Languages" submenu. When a word is
misspelled in the default language for the session, the person right
clicks on the word like normal.  In this menu is a list of the possible
words for the default language.  Underneath those is a "Other Languages"
submenu.  When the user selects this menu, they see the possible correct
words in other languages.  If they then select such a word (in a
language other than their default session language), that language is
then automatically enabled for the rest of the life of that widget.

Thus, lets pretend my default session language is english.  I'm typing
along in english and I write "kephale" (in Greek script of course).
gtkspell marks "kephale" as spelled incorrectly (even though it would be
valid Greek).  So I right click, go to "Other Languages" and find
"kephale (Greek)".  When I select this as the correct spelling, Greek is
then enabled for the life of my chat/document/etc.

This provides the ability to avoid language collision (aka false
positives) while at the same time providing an easy way to enable
languages based on context.


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