Re: gtkspell (was Re: Announcing: Project Ridley)

On Sun, 2005-08-28 at 13:33 +0200, Martin Soto wrote:
> I think that having to write in at least two languages on a regular
> basis is a common situation for many users, that should be taken into
> account not only by libraries like gtkspell but by applications. For
> example, I'd really love having a combo box in Evolution composer to
> switch languages quickly (the current menu is awkward because you have
> to open it twice: once to deactivate the current language and once to
> activate the new one). Automatic selection of the language based on the
> recipients list would be even better.
> Also, being able to separately set the language for Tomboy notes would
> be really great, making a nice application even nicer.

I would rather just see it work for all installed language dictionaries
by default. There's no particular reason to make the user change their
language in so many ways. For most users, I think this will work best.
There might be some performance problems for people who install an
extraneous amount of languages, but I don't think most people do that,
and the performance issues probably wouldn't be that big of a deal

-- dobey

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