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Ole Laursen wrote:
Martin Soto <soto informatik uni-kl de> writes:

Like you, I consider simplicity very valuable, but I cannot think of a
solution that doesn't require the user to explicitly specify the
language in some way. The good part is that when only one dictionary is
installed, you could hide language selection completely. And people
actually having to deal with more than one language probably won't mind
the extra complexity, anyway.

There are a couple of Emacs Lisp packages for guessing the language
used automatically which work surprisingly well. Keeping some
information between session may help too - e.g., if you wrote your
last message to someone in language X, chances are you will use
language X next time too.

With effective heuristics, it may not be necessary to reserve a
prominement place in the UI for the language option - although it is
probably still necessary somewhere.

I found a couple of links:

I have my doubts, but if you can make this work, thumbs up.
I'm a Dutch guy living in the Netherlands, but I'm doing a English-language education. Result is that in Gaim for instance, I'm usually typing English to people that are school-related, while a majority of my other friends prefer Dutch. E-mails related to Linux or school are English, family, friends and general correspondence are Dutch again.

I really won't be the only one in this sort of a situation.

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