Re: gtkspell

Martin Soto <soto informatik uni-kl de> writes:

> Like you, I consider simplicity very valuable, but I cannot think of a
> solution that doesn't require the user to explicitly specify the
> language in some way. The good part is that when only one dictionary is
> installed, you could hide language selection completely. And people
> actually having to deal with more than one language probably won't mind
> the extra complexity, anyway.

There are a couple of Emacs Lisp packages for guessing the language
used automatically which work surprisingly well. Keeping some
information between session may help too - e.g., if you wrote your
last message to someone in language X, chances are you will use
language X next time too.

With effective heuristics, it may not be necessary to reserve a
prominement place in the UI for the language option - although it is
probably still necessary somewhere.

I found a couple of links:

Ole Laursen

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