Re: Using python + pygtk in Desktop modules (was Re: RevisitingtheGnome Bindings)

>> When a new version is released with python-2.4, the *new* pygtk-2.4
>> package distributed with *this* version of the operating system would be
>> compiled against python-2.4 and install its files into the python-2.4
>> versioned module directory.
>> Is this not how it works at the moment? If not, why not?
> When all of your libraries are distributed by the OS vendor, sure.
> Say though that you have a third-party app written for pygtk which
> includes its own libraries that are installed solely for python 2.3.
> When python 2.4 comes along, that app *must* continue using 2.3.  Which
> means the app must be hard coded to only invoke the python 2.3 binary.
> Which is distribution specific.  Which forces app authors to release
> updated packages for their apps for newer distributions.

Surely distributions are unlikely to move the python-2.3 binary? I admit
that I'd prefer some more generic way of specifying the python version,
but choosing that !# just seems like part of the packaging to me.

>  Which
> effectively kills any purpose of having ABI stability.

It makes it difficult to have cross-distro packages, but that's not what
we're talking about here.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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