Re: Unmaintained modules


> > Yes. I would like to maintain a module. May be 
> > gnome-utils/gnome-system-monitor.
> I haven't followed the discussion on gnome-love about the new gnome-
> utils community forming, but maybe you could join them? Other than that
> please mail the individual maintainers and ask them if they're
> interested in assistance or handing over maintainership.

Unfortunately you're too late, sorry - I decided that last week was the
deadline for people interested in the module, and we now have 4 new
maintainers - Glenn, Vincent, James and Juan.

> You'll find the people in question in the module's MAINTAINERS file in
> CVS. Also note what was mentioned already in this thread. In most cases
> just picking up work on a module is enough to get involved. Look through
> bugzilla reports, TODO lists etc and start working. Sooner or later
> you'll find that you're counted as one of the maintainers :-)

This is so true it's unreal. Find a module where you think you have some
value add to give, and over time you'll eventually be counted as one of
the maintainers as Kjartan says.


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