Re: [gnome-love] GNOME Utilities :: Needs a maintainer


> >	Log Viewer
> >		- This one is a bit dud, and starting to code rot. I've
> >		  thought about rewriting this time and time again, but
> >		  never really got around to it. Should it even belong
> >		  in a gnome-utils package, especially since it seems 
> 	What about moving the log viewer to gnome-system-tools? It makes more
> sense as an admin tool than as a Desktop utility. Also being in g-s-t would
> allow it to do some sudo magic to change to adm or whatever distro specific
> group with right perms to views logs (righ now if I launch it from my menu
> under FC2 I'm not be able to view any log)

That makes a lot of sense to me alright. I guess that's up to the new
maintainers now to sit down with Carlos and see what future plans they
can make - currently logview is pretty complicated for a simple log
viewer, and I prefer the Red Hat approach.


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