Re: Unmaintained modules

Yes. I would like to maintain a module. May be gnome-utils/gnome-system-monitor.


Kjartan Maraas wrote:

Hi all.

Just wanted to start discussion about modules that need more love and

- vte: no release since april, lots of patches in bugzilla

- gnome-terminal: new release out recently, still lots of patches in
bugzilla that need review.

- gucharmap: no release in a long time, haven't checked bugzilla

- gnome-utils: Glynn wanted someone else to pick up on this and has
posted to gnome-love about it. Don't know if anyone already volunteered

- gnome-system-monitor: I made a new release the other day, but Kevin
has been off the radar for some time and is probably busy with other
stuff. Beno�Dejean, the libgtop maintainer, was going to mail him
again about possibly taking over maintainership of this

Are there more modules that need more attention?

We really need a gucharmap release to get updated translations out for
2.8.1 and I can do that if it's ok. I'd like a vte release too of


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