Re: Unmaintained modules

tir, 19,.10.2004 kl. 10.02 +0530, skrev shakti:
> Yes. I would like to maintain a module. May be 
> gnome-utils/gnome-system-monitor.

I haven't followed the discussion on gnome-love about the new gnome-
utils community forming, but maybe you could join them? Other than that
please mail the individual maintainers and ask them if they're
interested in assistance or handing over maintainership.

You'll find the people in question in the module's MAINTAINERS file in
CVS. Also note what was mentioned already in this thread. In most cases
just picking up work on a module is enough to get involved. Look through
bugzilla reports, TODO lists etc and start working. Sooner or later
you'll find that you're counted as one of the maintainers :-)


> Thanks,
> Shakti
> Kjartan Maraas wrote:
> >Hi all.
> >
> >Just wanted to start discussion about modules that need more love and
> >maintenance:
> >
> >- vte: no release since april, lots of patches in bugzilla
> >
> >- gnome-terminal: new release out recently, still lots of patches in
> >bugzilla that need review.
> >
> >- gucharmap: no release in a long time, haven't checked bugzilla
> >
> >- gnome-utils: Glynn wanted someone else to pick up on this and has
> >posted to gnome-love about it. Don't know if anyone already volunteered
> >
> >- gnome-system-monitor: I made a new release the other day, but Kevin
> >has been off the radar for some time and is probably busy with other
> >stuff. Benoít Dejean, the libgtop maintainer, was going to mail him
> >again about possibly taking over maintainership of this
> >
> >Are there more modules that need more attention?
> >
> >We really need a gucharmap release to get updated translations out for
> >2.8.1 and I can do that if it's ok. I'd like a vte release too of
> >course.
> >
> >Cheers
> >Kjartan
> >
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