Re: System Sounds Through GStreamer

On Tue, 2004-10-12 at 16:22 +0200, Thomas Vander Stichele wrote:
> Hi,
> > > That said, using GStreamer (and more specifically, gst-gconf
> > > accompanying library) gives you bonus point in flexibility, since
> > > changing default output method is as easy as setting appropriate key in
> > > GConf. But that still doesn't invalidate need for sound server on
> > > machines with lower-end cards.
> > 
> >   No no no, don't go down this road.  If people complain about esd
> > latency now, just try replacing it with GStreamer and you'll soon find
> > out what latency really means.
> Hi Gustavo,
> this is nothing personal, but that's just FUD.  First of all, there are
> two latency-related things esd has problems with.  One is "time between
> asking to play something and actually playing something".  The second is
> "an application using esd doesn't know how big this latency is"
> The first is important for ding sounds and accessibility (think
> text-to-speech of selected widgets).  The second is important for
> synchronizing multiple audio programs/channels, or audio with video.
> >   I don't want to leave vague statements.  Simply put, building
> > GStreamer pipelines is too slow, and reusing/caching sound effects in
> > GStreamer doesn't work because it is too buggy.
> You didn't want to leave vague statements, but you did.  Building
> pipelines is too slow for what ? In what condition ? We have lots of
> apps that create pipelines on the fly and do it very quickly.
> Reusing sounds doesn't work ? What bugs do you see ? It happily works in
> a bunch of apps that have been written.
> >   As an example, look at the crappy sound in monkey-bubble to see what I
> > mean.  [Disclaimer: I think monkey-bubble is a great program, I'm not
> > blaming its author]
> We should probably look at monkey-bubble then.  How certain are you that
> the author is using GStreamer correctly ? Since there are lots of little
> small apps that test speed of pipeline construction, and reusing sounds,
> I'd be surprised if it wouldn't work correctly when done correctly.

Hi, i am the developer of monkey bubble.
First of all, i admit that my (gstreamer/sound) code is crappy. I have
done multiple try to make it work correctly but never really success.
I am open to any contributions or suggestions to make it work.

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