Re: System Sounds Through GStreamer

Ter, 2004-10-12 às 10:35 +0200, Maciej Katafiasz escreveu:
> Dnia 11-10-2004, pon o godzinie 23:14 -0500, Brad Landis napisał:
> > This may have already been requested, but I searched mail archives and
> > bugzilla, and found nothing.
> > 
> > Is there a plan to make system sounds play through GStreamer?  I really
> > don't like enabling sound server, and I can hear sounds without the
> > sound server anyways.  I would like to be able to play sounds without
> > messing with the esd server.  It's never seemed to work very well, and
> > GStreamer seems to be the best way to play sounds in gnome.
> Just to make things clear -- GStreamer is orthogonal to any sound server
> you're possibly using. GStreamer is media framework (that is, a shared
> lib you link your app with) which takes some input and maniupulates it
> to obtain desired output (in this case, audio data). How exactly it's
> output then depends on system in question, GStreamer includes sinks
> (output plugins) for ESD, as well as Alsa, OSS, OSX audio, etc. But
> GStreamer itself is _not_ audio server, and is not going to replace any.
> That said, using GStreamer (and more specifically, gst-gconf
> accompanying library) gives you bonus point in flexibility, since
> changing default output method is as easy as setting appropriate key in
> GConf. But that still doesn't invalidate need for sound server on
> machines with lower-end cards.

  No no no, don't go down this road.  If people complain about esd
latency now, just try replacing it with GStreamer and you'll soon find
out what latency really means.
  I don't want to leave vague statements.  Simply put, building
GStreamer pipelines is too slow, and reusing/caching sound effects in
GStreamer doesn't work because it is too buggy.

  As an example, look at the crappy sound in monkey-bubble to see what I
mean.  [Disclaimer: I think monkey-bubble is a great program, I'm not
blaming its author]


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