Re: System Sounds Through GStreamer

Hi Laurent,

> > We should probably look at monkey-bubble then.  How certain are you that
> > the author is using GStreamer correctly ? Since there are lots of little
> > small apps that test speed of pipeline construction, and reusing sounds,
> > I'd be surprised if it wouldn't work correctly when done correctly.
> > 
> Hi, i am the developer of monkey bubble.
> First of all, i admit that my (gstreamer/sound) code is crappy. I have
> done multiple try to make it work correctly but never really success.
> I am open to any contributions or suggestions to make it work.

To be clear, I'm not saying that if it's crappy code, that it's your
fault.  It's obvious GStreamer could be easier to use or figure out. 
Eventually one of us will just have to look at monkeybubble and figure
out what to improve, so you should poke one of us interested in games :)


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