Re: Not OK computer:/// [was Re: Should Desktop = Home?]

> > For special locations, how about something like:
> >
> > gnome:storage instead of computer:///
> > gnome:applications instead of applications:///
> > gnome:trash instead of trash:///
> still have most of the same problems
> even if you know a gnome: protocol exists you wont necessarily know the
> about the ":storage" or ":applications" bit and you wont be able to
> translate them either.

That's just the point. The only application that would need to "know
about" or manipulate items under "gnome:storage" or "gnome:applications"
would be the desktop shell itself - that is, Nautilus and the GTK file
dialogs - and since Nautilus would be defining these special locations,
it wouldn't need to discover them.

> you will still need to retrofit old applications.

GTK+ file selectors would pick up the changes, and apps would never need
to read or write to "gnome:storage" or "gnome:applications". You would
*not* have to retrofit old applications at all. These "gnome:" locations
would be in essence big, flat lists of shortcuts provided by Nautilus.
The shortcuts would all point to other filesystems on other protocols -
smb, ssh, ftp etc.

Gabriel Bauman

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