Should Desktop = Home?

I snuck this question in the middle of the discussion[1] about default folders (Photos, Music, Documents, etc.), and got one reply arguing against [2] and one arguing for [3], but I thought it deserved a thread of its own.

Should we merge the Home directory with the Desktop directory?

There are some obvious arguments that popup in the "no" camp, including keeping your desktop (or your home dir) clutter free. However, people like to keep both as clutter-free as possible.

When I compare the contents of my current Desktop to my current Home dir, I don't see too much of a semantic difference. Obviously, my Home dir is full of hidden dirs with all of my application settings, but I don't see those in Nautilus anyhow.

It always did strike me as odd that from my Desktop, I have a link to my Home dir, which contains my Desktop - don't seem very "spacial" to me ;-) (kind of Escher, actually)

I see this as an opportunity to take two similar but slightly different metaphors (the Desktop and Home dirs) and merge them into one - making for one less concept the we have to grasp when we deal with our files.

Thoughts? Thanks,
Steven Garrity

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