Re: RFC: Common desktop-wide paths

Today at 13:47, Jamie McCracken wrote:

> I do like the idea of having a Downloads folder on the desktop but it
> needs to be smart. I.E. if my web browser downloads a picture it should
> put it in the pictures folder not the Downloads one. Likewise for videos
> and music files - the Downloads folder should only contain downloaded
> stuff that doesn't fit into one of the other folders (it should be mime
> type dependant so other types could be handled with custom desktop
> folders so I could say create a zip folder and have the web browser
> automatically place all downloaded zips there). 

This is wrong.  I don't want Joe's or your pictures I downloaded off
the web to be mixed up with my own pictures.  Until we get some AI
into this [and that ain't happening soon], using one single
"Downloads" folder is what we need.

> Of course this would require system integration with Firefox/Mozilla/
> Ephinany so maybe we need a freedesktop standard to define it?

And one single configurable "Downloads" folder is what Epiphany
supports for quite some time (at least until 2.7 series).  If you
"download", that's where the file will end up unless you do "Save as".


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