Re: Should Desktop = Home?

I vote YES! I've converted to $HOME==Desktop a few months back (since
gnome-2.6 and spatial-nautilus) and I now think it's great. It REALLY
WORKS! Your desktop is the first thing you see once logged in and is thus
very naturally the "top" of the users directory hierarchy. It's the place
where I can dump files/documents or downloaded stuff and from there drag
it into an appropriate sub-folder. I think Home==Desktop fits in well with
Spatial file-management. It removes the need for a separate 'Home' icon.

The main argument against Home==Desktop seems to be that Home contains
many configuration files and hence should be maintained as separate from
the Desktop. In practise this isn't a problem since nearly all config
files are dot-files (i.e. hidden) and the few that aren't are removed
using nautilus' .hidden feature. 

I would say the correct solution to the config-file issue is to move the
config files to a hidden subfolder, rather than move the Desktop to a
separate location. While legacy (non-gnome) apps would not change, gnome
apps *could* change, so leading the way.


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