Re: Should Desktop = Home?

I have already sent this once using an incorrect sender address and
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On Sat, 2004-10-02 at 20:27, Steven Garrity wrote:
> I snuck this question in the middle of the discussion[1] about default 
> folders (Photos, Music, Documents, etc.), and got one reply arguing 
> against [2] and one arguing for [3], but I thought it deserved a thread 
> of its own.
> Should we merge the Home directory with the Desktop directory?

Glancing through my $HOME folder I see several directories
created by applications that break the common rules of prepending ".".

Among the folders that I have never created manually are "C" (wine
"ccl" (freecraft), "dcc" (no idea), "music" (no idea), "evolution"
(I'm still running an old Evo, this should be solved with evo-2.0).
Plus, there are "visible" files created by (probably the same)

Also, the home folder is sometimes used to install user-specific
applications. Of course, you could collect them into a subfolder ~/bin/,
but would you want that visible on the desktop? Well, I guess you

It would be nice to make $HOME the document root if there were a clean
way, but so far many applications don't do it right, so it would be
pretty annoying.
That said, this behaviour is already optional, so we are only talking
about changing the default, right? (Though I have not tested how
changing the default affects the usage of common directories like
"Downloads" etc.)

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