Re: Proposed: Evolution (and associated libs)

On Thu, 2004-01-08 at 10:48, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Mark McLoughlin">
> > 	I don't follow.
> I was using the "but distros are going to ship Evo anyway, so we can bank on
> that to satisfy the e-d-s relevance concerns, particularly about 2.8 DP
> inclusion". But, it was wrong-headed thinking.
> > 	At the moment, the two go hand in hand as far as I'm concerned. Simple
> > as that.
> Yes, now that I have my head screwed on straight, I totally agree. ;-)

But I don't.

evo-data-server is a general desktop contact management/calendaring API.
It doesn't need evolution to be useful.

If someone wants to store people's RSS blogs for an RSS aggregator, for
example, e-d-s is the logical place to do that. Ditto for a whole load
of interesting programs that need to attach data to a person or date.

The question of whether to include e-d-s in the desktop is not whether
it's needed to satisfy an evolution dependency, but whether it is

* The right answer for a contact mangement/calendaring API, and
* Whether we *want* a contact management/calendaring API in GNOME.

[Additionally, evolution is ubiquitous anyway, so anything using these
APIs will integrate nicely if a distribution happens to include it.
Extra benefit.]

I think the answer to both is yes, and I'm in favour of adding e-d-s to
the desktop.

Andrew Sobala <aes gnome org>

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