Proposed: Evolution (and associated libs)


Although the inclusion of Evolution itself may be somewhat controversial, I
don't think there's much controversy over the inclusion of data-server and
the other modules (although now we have THREE html renderers in the Desktop
release, which is getting silly). Evo is fairly unstable right now, and is
obviously undergoing a lot of changes - will it be ready in time? The i18n
team has raised some issues about the number of strings and lack of
translator attention so far - will this significantly impact supported langs
for 2.6? Would it make sense to get the infrastructure into the Desktop, see
Evolution's successful release "when it's ready", and come back to it for
inclusion in 2.8? Last but not least, what about all the controversy about
GNOME 'choosing' a mailer (and groupware suite)? Would it make sense to have
the application outside the Desktop permanently? (My personal view on these
issues is that Evo should be in the Desktop, and we should focus on deep
integration through it and e-d-s and so on, but I know various people have
strongly differing views.)

Modules involved: evolution, evolution-data-server, gal, gtkhtml, libsoup

Further discusson goes HERE! :-)

- Jeff (not wearing his release team hat)

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