Re: Proposed: Evolution (and associated libs)

<quote who="Mark McLoughlin">

> The only probable user in of e-d-s in 2.6, that I'm aware of, is the clock
> applet. This will only provide a *view* of your evolution calendar data.
> Without evolution there won't be any calendar data. i.e. unless there is
> some application in the desktop release that allows you to populate your
> calendar or address book, I don't see any point at all in including
> evolution-data-server.

This makes a lot of sense, but I think that even if Evolution is late, the
next version of the distros will probably ship Evo2 with GNOME 2.6 -> the
Evo guys were very set on getting it out in time, so they'd only be a little
bit later.

In that case, Evo wouldn't be in the 2.6 Desktop, but e-d-s would be (and
used by a small number of things elsewhere), which is a very important step
towards getting e-d-s in the Developer Platform (which I believe is the Evo
hackers intent).

Even so, all of these technicalities will be overruled by the Evolution guys
delivering 2.0 for our release. I'm leaning towards accepting the whole
stack, because we can always drop parts of it if they are not ready for the
final release.

What do you think?

- Jeff

Come to 2004!
   "When there's public debate and mass hysteria, that's when the patches
                         roll in." - Michael Meeks

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