Re: Proposed: Rhythmbox

Maciej Stachowiak <mjs noisehavoc org> writes:
> In fact, it seems like a bunch of software is already in the desktop
> release for these kinds of reasons - someone thought they were part of
> the expected basic set of desktop apps. For example, Epiphany, EOG,
> GGV, gnome-games, gnome-media, gnome-meeting and gnome-system-monitor
> and gnome-terminal. 

Of these, at least EOG, GGV provide Bonobo components that are there
for integration reasons.  I guess gnome-media does it as well.
Epiphany also provides Geck integration into Nautilus (though, one
would argue if that's really neccessary, what is mirrored in The New
Spatial Nautilus :).  [Gnome-games is there to integrate spare time
and boredom with GNOME, so don't underestimate that one ;]

So, at least the first two invalidate your point below (regarding
"all" if nothing else ;):

> These all seem to be there mainly for reasons of satisfying base
> user expectations rather than for integration or dependency
> reasons. 

I have viewed a very large number of images using EOG, without ever
explicitely asking for it, but rather, just using Nautilus to "view
this image" (I didn't use GGV as much in that way, because I'm used to
good ol' gv instead, and calling it from the terminal or Emacs


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