Re: Proposed: Rhythmbox

>The thing is, in the end aren't the distros going to bundle a video
>player, music player, etc in with their own packages anyway?

Yes, but not necesserily. This is why the DE should provide a coherent set
of apps as part of its installation. For example, the Slackware developer
doesn't wanna put FAM by default on his distro, even if Gnome really needs
it for a better consistent and responsive experience. But because FAM is not
part of Gnome, its dev doesn't bother, because he doesn't see the same value
in it (I wouldn't be surprised if  he doesn't use a DE altogether).
Compiling and installing FAM manually wound't work on Slackware either, as
it requires the gnome-vfs to have compiled support for it (and slackware's
doesn't have any compiled in as of 9.2-Current).

>They'd be silly not to IMHO.  If I buy FooLinux (as j random user)
>and it doesn't  include a way to play mp3s and movies,
>I'm going to take it back and complain!

Fedora and RHL don't support mp3s and proprietary movie formats, still
though, these distros have the biggest marketshare together, because most
people like to stick with the market leader or the brand name they recognize
better, even if it is an additional pain for the user to add support for
these manually.

My point is, the DE should offer as a bundle everything needed by a
currently perceived as "modern desktop". IMHO, Rhythmbox is needed, because
the times we live in require it (and FAM should be a requirement too,
because it really has an impact in the experience of the system ;-). These
apps are much more important for the user experience than let's say,
gDesktlets or monkey-bubble.


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