Re: Some thoughts on hiding the file system, (and an OS X anecdote)

On Mon, 2004-12-13 at 07:07 -0500, Carl Worth wrote:

> Here's an actual experience that occurred last night. My wife
> (non-"technical" user of OS X), was burning a CD of photos for my
> sister. I had some of the photos she wanted on my (Linux) laptop so I
> (being the nefarious shell-user of this thread) did the following:
> 	rsync -avz photos herlaptop:/tmp

I would suggest this was the wrong approach; why not just use gnome-
user-share?  I believe the share will appear in MacOS X.

> >From the above, the only problem in Gnome is the ambiguous display in
> [5] and [6]. I don't know if Gnome has an active goal to hide as much
> as
> possible about the filesystem, (ie. "/ shall not appear in the
> interface").

I think the goal isn't to remove all instances of "/"; rather it is to
present a better user interface where we can.  At least some
applications like Eclipse will always need to display filesystem paths,
since they're targeted for developers and you really can't escape it.
But for sharing photos, the filesystem is an implementation detail.

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