Re: Translations of folder names - two proposals

On Fri, 2004-12-10 at 11:36, James Henstridge wrote:

> Like the gconf solution, it isn't clear what a script should do if the 
> ~/.folders/XXXX symlink or gconf key is missing though.

We could provide a small utility, e.g.

 gnome-create-standard-folder "Templates"

That would use the same API that we would provide for apps.
It could even return the directory pathname, making scripts fairly
painless. We could also provide a

 gnome-get-standard-folder "Templates"

that returns the directory pathname or nothing if it doesn't exist.

I think I favour the symlink approach, since the gettext disadvantages
(doesn't work with external apps & places English names in people's home
directories) seem pretty bad to me.


PS. I think the .folders directory should go under the
g_get_user_config_dir(), and there should be a capplet to rename all of
the special folders easily.

And thanks for the summary Alex.

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