Re: Translations of folder names - two proposals

On 10/12/04 12:33, Julien Olivier wrote:

Symlink approach has the same advantages, and no disadvantages you
mention (unusable outside GConf-linked applications).

Actually, the symlink approach has some drawbacks that the gconf
solution doesn't have:
- symlinks will have an arrow icon in Nautilus, which is not very
- If the user makes a search (for example using gnome-search-tool), and
finds some files in ~/.folders/documents, won't she be surprised to find
the file here instead of ~/Documentos ? She might even think that this
is a lost copy, and just delete it, thus losing the documents and having
a broken link (~/Documentos will point to the missing
- More importantly, if you remove a symlink, the content of the real
folder remains, and in the case of ~/Documents it can be a lot of data.
This is not a disadvantage of the scheme Alex described. The symlink would be from ~/.folders/documents to ~/Documentos, so the files would really be in the user-visible folder, and they would not see a symlink arrow emblem.

Like the gconf solution, it isn't clear what a script should do if the ~/.folders/XXXX symlink or gconf key is missing though.


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