Re: Displaying file/folder translations (symlinks)

On Thu, Dec 02, 2004 at 19:37 (+0100), Danilo Šegan wrote:
> 2. use GConf key—what Alan proposes
>    Analysis:
>     Simple to do right away, will work for everybody, may cause
>    problems with non-Gnomey programs or problems with incompatible 
>    filesystem encodings, all programs wanting to use stock paths
>    would have to go through GConf

I can think of some cases where we you cannot or don't want to
(directly) use gconf/gconftool.

Why not just have ~/.freedesktopdirs which contains symlinks to
Templates, Public, MyPics (or their translated names of course) etc.?
And combine this with gconf?

- easy enough for third-parties, so they might actually honor this
- easy to integrate with KDE and others 
- easy for shell scripts; of course

Now, we could still have the pathnames in GConf; we just need to update
symlinks whenever the gconf dirs change.

One remaining problem is that *changing* the dirs (say, in KDE), could
leave an inconsistency between dir and gconf keyval. This could be
solved at Gnome-startup though; 
"The MyPictures folder seems to have changed into MijnFoto's outside
Gnome; do you want to use the new folder [y/n]"

Now, symlinks seems a quite obvious solutions - did I miss something?

 * Dirk-Jan C. Binnema  [djcb]
 *   djcb djcbsoftware nl
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