Re: Displaying file/folder translations

Today at 15:02, Alan Cox wrote:

> I agree with Jeff's underlying point about consistency. However if you
> forget about EA's and other stuff for a bit and stick the paths in
> gconf then it gets rather easier to handle. A change won't affect
> existing users (unless they want it to).

But this leaves us with the problem of support in other software—it's
highly unlikely that other apps will link to Gnome libraries just to
get a template directory.  Of course, gconftool-2 can help there, but
some may still want to avoid such approach.

And we'd still end up with broken apps because authors would be
unaware that they should actually use gnome_stock_path() instead of
hard-coding "Templates" or "Public".  Also, we even had programmers
overwrite gconf keys on first run with incompatible values, which
means this is as much prone to error as any other approach.

Thus, I prefer to treat translated names as simple "display property"
(just like an emblem, but to be able to use it outside Nautilus and

Other than this, I'm very much fine with "use translated folder name
on first run, and save that somewhere (GConf, ...)".


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