Re: Displaying file/folder translations

<quote who="Danilo Šegan">

> > See, even with xattrs, you're still relying on some piece of software to
> > write those translations - unless you're pushing the reponsibility back
> > onto users! Eeek. So you end up requiring some GNOME library to write
> > the translated stuff to disk, instead of just displaying the translation
> > in the UI. 
> Uhm, unless you're aware of some magical powers that I'm not, how do you
> "just display the translation in the UI", if it's nowhere to be found on
> disk? :)

The difference is a changeable property of the file on disk (EAs) and a
consistent translation stored elsewhere (in "system" lib of some sort). It
would be disappointing to have files seemingly moving around because your
software rewrites the translation EA. It would be a nice way to play havoc
with your less computer savvy friends...

- Jeff

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