Displaying file/folder translations [Was: gnome-user-share]

<quote who="Danilo Šegan">

> Though, http://acl.bestbits.at/ mentions patches for NFS (this probably
> means that both NFS server would have to be patched; and not all NFS
> servers are running Linux kernel).  NFS4 (not really something we'd
> consider "widely deployed") ought to support them as well.
> Still, this probably rules xattrs out as something to depend on.

See, even with xattrs, you're still relying on some piece of software to
write those translations - unless you're pushing the reponsibility back onto
users! Eeek. So you end up requiring some GNOME library to write the
translated stuff to disk, instead of just displaying the translation in the
UI. And you're also relying on all of your other tools to use those EAs, so
you need to patch everything from ls up. So, like when people argue against
doing inline translations of standard file locations in a GNOME library,
you're back at square one. :-)

(I've changed the subject because this has *nothing* to do with g-u-s.)

- Jeff

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