Re: Displaying file/folder translations

On Iau, 2004-12-02 at 15:29, Danilo Šegan wrote:
> But this leaves us with the problem of support in other software—it's
> highly unlikely that other apps will link to Gnome libraries just to
> get a template directory.  Of course, gconftool-2 can help there, but
> some may still want to avoid such approach.

You can always also stick them in environment variables.

> And we'd still end up with broken apps because authors would be
> unaware that they should actually use gnome_stock_path() instead of
> hard-coding "Templates" or "Public".  Also, we even had programmers
> overwrite gconf keys on first run with incompatible values, which
> means this is as much prone to error as any other approach.

This is easily dealt with: Firstly grep is very good at identifying
offenders and secondly everyone who makes the mistake while get a hail
of bug reports from non US users. Yes programmers will make mistakes,
but they get fixed over time. You break stuff, people fix it.

For a en_* user it means no change. For a non en_* user it might mean a
few quirks until they get knocked out. Right now i18n for those
directories is simply broken anyway so a few glitches until it gets
knocked into shape is still progress.


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