Re: Displaying file/folder translations

Today at 13:05, Jeff Waugh wrote:

> The difference is a changeable property of the file on disk (EAs) and a
> consistent translation stored elsewhere (in "system" lib of some sort). It
> would be disappointing to have files seemingly moving around because your
> software rewrites the translation EA. It would be a nice way to play havoc
> with your less computer savvy friends...

Consistency is as hard to keep in that "system lib" for translations
as it is for EA.  On new installations/upgrades (which would be only
capable of modifying translations without user knowing it), we'd have
to check either "system lib" of translations or EA translations to
see if we can write there (if they don't exist, write them—if they
do exist, ignore new, updated translations, to avoid the effect you
describe; not that I'm sure this would be correct behaviour—see

Now, how do you imagine translations working for ~/Templates or
~/Public?  If translations change, they usually change for a reason
(better translations).  It's up to translators to ensure their
stability, as much as it's up to implementors to ensure stability of
basic English values (imagine having a typo in ~/Temp1ates"; would you
fix this in future releases, even though you'd break backwards


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